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Junior Worry Hunter – in training
(Age 5-11)

14th July 2017 @ 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Junior Worry Hunter

Junior Worry Hunter

Leanne Newland (Clinical child psychologist) presents a beautiful take on Art Therapy:
Children create three worry shrinking tools. This is for kids who are serious in becoming the boss of their worry monster!
The goal of the group is for children to create in a playful, fun and imaginative atmosphere three art pieces for their junior worry hunter kit.

First Kit Item – WORRY MONSTER
Make your own Worry Monster out of recycled materials – ideal for helping kids their worries. These little monsters just love to eat worries, in fact the more you give them the happier they are!!! You will get a chance to feed your monster as many worries as you like, no worry is too big for this feisty critter. DIY Worry Monsters offer children a simple way to express their worries, give them have a sense that their worries are contained, and promotes the message that they do not need to hold them alone. Kids will be encouraged when they leave the workshop to share what is inside their worry monster with someone that they know who is bigger, stronger, wiser and kinder.

Second Kit Item – HEART MAP
Have a really good look inside your kind heart – you will be amazed what you discover. Make your own heart map out of watercolour, glue it onto a black canvas that can be hung as a daily reminder to a child of their unique resources and strengths.
A heart map can be an anchor for a child’s positive resources, calm feelings, thoughts and memories. It offers a way for children to have a shield against worry, showing them they already carry inside of their heart what matters to them the most.

Third Kit Item – ROCK MONSTER
Create and adopt your very own rock monster who loves to stick close to you wherever you go, they enjoing hanging out in pockets where it is warm and dry. Write on the back of your rock monster your worry hunter plan so that you are always prepared the next time that the pesky worry monster pops up, uninvited!
This is a simple and tangible symbol for children to carry with them that assists, providing a child with a greater sense of personal power over their worries. On leaving the group they will encouraged to be on the look out for more rock monsters to create, you can never have too many on your worry hunter team.


14th July 2017
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


The Art Space Collective
80A Scarborough Beach Rd
Scarborough, WA 6019 Australia