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Workshops for children and adults are run regularly at the Art Space Collective. If you are a teacher thinking about holding a class for children or adults, please firstly be aware that the onus is not on the Art Space Collective to fill the class. We will discuss with you the various forms of promotion that we do, but we expect that we will work together and that you will use your own networks and avenues to help fill each class.

The Art Space Collective will require interesting, eye-catching and clear photos from you of the work that will be created during the class, so that we can use them on social media as well as in our newsletters.

We require a “working with children” check to keep on file. Please make an arrangement to come to look at the Art Space Collective, so that you have an idea of the space that we use for workshops. Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday 10am-2pm Feel free to come anytime during those hours to peruse the gallery as well as the workshop space. We will discuss further details with you by appointment. To make an appointment please

Most children’s workshops are held on the school holidays. For both children’s and adults classes, after costs, the profit is split 60% to the teacher 40% to the Art Space Collective. Please feel free to get into contact with us about holding a class once you have a planned class to operate.

As we are a volunteer-run community art hub, we will answer your email between the hours of 10am-2pm. We also expect that the Art Space Collective will be cleaned by the teacher after the class, and left as it was found.

Many thanks
The Art Space Collective Team
If you are an artist thinking about displaying a few pieces of your work at the Art Space Collective, alongside work of other creatives, please email 4-5 images of your work

In that email, please outline your medium, pricing and a bit about yourself. Feel free to pop in to The Art Space Collective at some stage during our gallery opening hours (Monday to Friday 10am -2pm) to have a look at the space available to hang a few pieces of artwork. We occasionally rent out the whole exhibition space upon request, but we need to ensure that your work suits the vibe of the Art Space and fits into our schedule.

The Art Space Collective is a volunteer-run community art hub, so your email will be answered only between the hours of 10am-2pm (Mon-Fri). If your work is selected to be displayed on consignment, we will require your details to pass on. If anyone wants to purchase your work, you will need to speak directly to them.

Many thanks
The Art Space Collective Team