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Art space draws out the love

The energy of the space is driven by Mo, Evie & Otis Maslin – three beautiful artistic souls who are with us every step of the way.

Mo, Evie and Otis embraced the qualities of inclusiveness, peace and welcome. They didn’t judge, or act aggressively. They always tried to be positive and make friends with other kids, and adults. Living for two years in Hong Kong, a culture different from their own, gave Mo, Evie and Otis an understanding of, not only what it was like to feel like an outsider, but also how important it is to feel accepted into a new community. They appreciated and respected that changing environments could present challenges, and that there are things that help people to feel involved, rather than isolated. The Art Space Collective aims to honour their enormous capacity for welcome, fun and inclusiveness


The Art Space Collective Team

The Art Space Collective is an inspired and innovative community hub, which, in the words of Leon Pericles, aims to “inject art into the non-believers.” Run by a team of skilled, dedicated, humorous and exceedingly elegant volunteers, the Art Space Collective houses Scarborough’s first gallery alongside an area for artisan workshops where creatives, and normal people, can come together to connect with art, ideas and each other!

Marite Norris

Founder and Director

Marite is the founder and owner of The Art Space Collective. She is an artist who has been working in photographic art and mixed media since 2003 (in other words she rips up and burns bits of her pictures and glues them into a collage!) She has held a number of exhibitions in Perth and Hong Kong. Prior to this, she completed an Arts degree at UWA as well as five years in London in film and theatre. Marite’s artwork reflects her passions: people, place, cultural diversity, eclectic images and all things kitsch and theatrical. Marite has been known to dig things out of bins and skips in the name of collage. She claims that she bears a striking resemblance to Catherine Zeta-Jones and has OCD tendencies.

Angie Young

Advisory Board Member - HR

Angie's support of The Art Space Collective is primarily through assisting with the human resources aspect of the business. With over 20 years of experience in human resources, Angie has held senior and executive positions for leading organisations across Australia. Angie has a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelors degree of Industrial Relations and Psychology. Angie has a passion for and believes in purposeful causes around promoting women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, embracing different culture and heritages and how to bring these important aspects into business. Having grown up around the Scarborough area, Angie has a love of the beach, the people and the lifestyle on offer in Scarborough. Angie is passionate about music and visual arts and believes in the vision of The Art Space Collective to make arts more available to the Scarborough community.

Jacquie Carlton

Advisory Board Member

With a background in arts and education, current experience in indigenous community engagement and mediation, combined with a passion for community, inclusivity and diversity in the arts, Jacquie works closely with exhibiting artists at The Art Space Collective, providing the perfect forum to showcase their pieces. President of the 'I Love Leon Pericles' fan club, she loves nothing more than baking with dates and Persian spices, and sharing a wine and convo with any visiting artists – and, man, can she talk!!!

Anthony Maslin

Advisory Board Member

Maz is a serial entrepreneur involved in the management of several ASX listed companies. He focuses on work with purpose that helps people and the planet.
His volunteer work at The Art Space Collective is his way of giving back to the Scarborough community where he was born and bred and is very close to his heart.

Catherine Pitcher

Advisory Board Member

Cath has a passion for working with people and communities as well as a great love of nature. Her formal training includes Community Studies, Youth Work, Horticulture and Education. Cath’s experience in engaging children and groups both educationally and socially for the Education Department and CanTeen Australia has been the foundation for her desire to be involved in the local community with The Art Space Collective. Cath is also the founder and co-director of popular artisan business Succulent Sistas, focusing on training adults and children in the creation of handmade interior-designed plant products. Cath is fond of a cracker with brinjal pickle and cheese and a cheeky SSB on a Friday evening!

Chloe Clements

Workshops Co-ordinator

Chloe is a Walyalup (Fremantle) based creative with a degree in Design & Event Management, graduating from her third area of study at the end of 2022 with a major in Community Development at Murdoch University. Chloe is the creator of the non-binary fashion label Not Applicable that walked the runway during London Queer Fashion Week 2018, she has exhibited photographic work at the Paper Mountain Co-op and has facilitated and produced workshops and events around gender diversity and body autonomy. Having spent the last decade cultivating her drive to express and confront intersectional issues linked to women’s and queer rights, Chloe has channelled her passion through the power of community. Chloe sees kindness, empathy and active listening as key principles in her work.

Fiona Galvin


Fiona Galvin was asked to assist the team with new accounting software in 2020 – and just like checking in at Hotel California, she’s never left. Given that her creative streak is with numbers, Fiona loves being part of The Art Space Collective team and enjoying it's reach into the community with workshops and events. Having earnt a Bachelor of Business from Curtin, completing a ten year stint as a tax accountant and contracting for various Not-for-Profits, Fiona is also highly skilled in office administration and management. She's worked as an Executive assistant, served on several boards, volunteered extensively and has four grown-up children.