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FRINGE WORLD 2021 was a huge success, check it out! 

Colour Warp, FRINGE WORLD 2021

The Art Space Collective wielded vibrant hues and altered reality. We were transported over the colour spectrum to a site-specific painting installation encompassing stripes, stripes and more stripes! Not only were the walls striped, but the ceiling, floor and cheeky stripes sneaked out the back stairs. Strategically applied bright colour created a liberating experience in this immersive environment, evoking joyous ‘WTF’ moments! Paint and willpower revealed the transformation of a room into a meaningful (and instagrammable) collective experience. With the power to unite and inspire, the unique soundscape was designed by Christopher Tonkin. The artwork was designed by Marite Norris.

Design by Marite Norris painted with DUO Events Creative Studio, Ranhouse Studio, Ink and Dust Designs and Willsy BB. Supported by the City of Stirling with thanks!

Paraiso Perdido (Lost Paradise),FRINGE WORLD 2021

Paraíso Perdido (Lost Paradise) is formed by a body of mixed media artworks, that portray in a blunt but naïve manner, the experiences of Jose Bacarreza in Australia. To comprehend Bacarreza’s paintings, it is pivotal to understand where he comes from.

Jose Bacarreza was born in Chile during Pinochet’s dictatorship. Chile remains as an island within the South American continent. It has the driest desert of the world in the north, the Andes mountain range in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Antarctic in the south.

Travelling on his own throughout Australia from the Eastcoast to the West, these works show Bacarreza’s feelings and experiences. Getting surprised every day, passing through different cultures and landscapes. Through talking to someone new or from driving from the desert to the beach. “You know where you are going but you don’t know how you got there” says Bacarreza. These works are all different chapters from within the same book.

Bacarreza’s paintings all depict a night sky, deep hues, luna reflections and some iconic Australian landscapes, invoking a feeling of calmness. In moments when the whole population is experiencing isolation due to the current pandemic, Bacarreza endeavours to depict the path of a ‘lone ranger’. A lonely voyager, who with certain nostalgia he realises that your past is a bag you never forget to carry. Thus, understanding that maybe, it is about collecting the experiences through time and creating a new reality.

Tunes and Textures ~ Volume IV, FRINGE WORLD 2021

Over 2020 and 2021, when possible between lockdowns, we took the time to stop and absorb the vibes and visual treats at Tunes and Textures, courtesy of Local Yard Sessions.
These events aimed to bring people together again to support the local music and arts culture of the Western Australian scene in a unique, laid back setting.

Jay Grafton
Marz Needz Mumz
Sam Coombes
Ella Argo